Eastwood Elementary School

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Principals Message

Eastwood Family,


Welcome to Eastwood and the 2018-2019 school year.  Just a reminder, school begins on August 30th.  New years come with expectations and excitement for fresh starts and new beginnings.  We at Eastwood are just as excited for the school year to begin and to provide a high quality, rigorous adventure for all students and families.  Here are a few reminders about how to reach me and what we believe as a school to support our dolphins.


To the parents, as always, my door is always open.  Communication is the key to any successful partnership.  I hope we establish a powerful partnership for your student.  The influence you have on your young dolphin is immense and I know you take that responsibility very seriously.  I don’t see obstacles as something that might stand in our way but learning experiences that make our relationships stronger.  The teachers and I are here for you in any situation that may arise, and want to make sure you can always feel free to discuss issues openly.  You have done a wonderful job raising your child and I want to express our thanks!


To the tireless Eastwood teachers and staff, words cannot express the awe that I am in each day regarding the work that you do for all that grace our halls.  Students and parents tell me on a daily basis how pleased they are to have you in their lives.  You make my job easier each day because of how great you are with the students of Eastwood School.  To say “thank you” is just not enough sometimes.


In closing, I leave you with my favorite quote, “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit!”  Be excellent Dolphins!!!  


Jason Kuncewicki, “Dr. K”



Jason Kuncewicki “Dr. K.”

Principal, Eastwood Elementary School