Principals Message


Greetings Eastwood Parents, Students, and Staff


I am truly excited to be working at a highly successful school that is clearly supported by a dedicated staff and a caring community. 


My vision for working with students is that they each experience a personalized education that is tailored to address their specific needs. The basis for this and the message that I emphasize with staff is simple and starts with building relationships with all students. It is always my hope that each student has at least one teacher, staff member, or friend that they can confide in while at school. I am looking forward to continuing my work at Eastwood Elementary School to support all staff in developing and implementing new and powerful ideas that will best support all aspects of our student’s lives while preparing them for the pace of middle school and beyond.   


If you ever have any questions or need any support from me, please do not hesitate to get in touch. My door is always open.


Looking forward to great things to come.


Best Wishes,


Jonathan Edelman

Principal – Eastwood Elementary School

 [email protected]